The M4 is an artisan family, able to follow all the various stages of production of the model performed manually by trained personnel.

The idea of creating a company of model cars for collectors was Marco Grassini, avid collector of model cars in 1/43 scale for over forty years (he owns about 10.000).

His great passion led him to create in 1984 the BOX MODEL and then in 1990, along with his family, the M4 (Marco, Mariella, Michele and Manuela).

The M4 produces under the brand ART MODEL cars the years 40/50/60, while with the BEST MODEL brand cars the years 60/70/80. The M4 is a cottage industries and through experience and deep industry expertise Marco Grassini has always been dedicated to creating models rare and difficult to find on the market.

In 2004, the M4 has acquired the house RIO, founded in 1962, one of the oldest companies in the world of modeling (then other companies fabricated toys). The M4 is proud of this acquisition because it has avoided that it was purchased by Asians.

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